Welcome to the world’s most influential business leader’s club. We are headquartered in New York, USA and making a presence in every continent and region having a presence in over 100 countries and serving globally through its major outlets. We are not only concerned over our member’s business but also concerned about the whole business ecosystem which creates sustainable business for our members. Beside that, we feel our responsibility to create a new avenue for our members by nurturing, motivating, facilitating, networking, bridging and encouraging them to think and act innovatively.

We believe that B2G, G2B, B2B and B2E networking facility initiated by us will create a new OUT OF THE BOX within the box (network).

Our forum will bridge investment-Idea- Technology-industry-Policy-authority together for fostering a better business environment.

Our platform is equally beneficial for every decision-maker and influencer along with the business leaders and business idea holders. State head, Country’s p5 people and Diplomats along with the regulatory authority’s summit level people will also be our member. The forum is supposed to be the forum for the solution rather than mere discussion.

Our forum will bridge investment-Idea- Technology-industry-Policy-authority together for fostering better business environment.

CEO CLUB GLOBAL : Defining A Global New Ecosystem


CEO club Global is the biggest ever conceptualization of widest platform for leaders of foremost Economic, eco-political and Business leaders for shaping Global, Regional, Industrial and sector-based agendas.

Our Mission

To Congregate Global Economic Leaders to derive multi Trillion Dollar’s Club having Every Solution of any kind of Businesses around the globe.

Our Vision

To become the Biggest Business Network in the world in terms of net worth and Portfolio having presence over every country in the world.

Our Objective

To have influential presence in every countries within years catering the business leaders and decision makers of these countries.

   Why to become our member?

  • Partnership Opportunity
  • Franchise Opportunity (Issuing and Receiving)
  • Venture Opportunity
  • Investment Opportunity
  • Merger and Acquisition Opportunity
  • Cross border Opportunity
  • Networking Opportunity
  • Profitable business Exploration Opportunity
  • Mega Project Funding Opportunity
  • Mega Project Loan Opportunity
  • Technical Partnership Opportunity
  • Outsourcing Opportunity
  • Import/Export Opportunity
  • Licensing Opportunity
  • Niche Product/Sector harvesting Opportunity

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